17 nov 2008

Il primo dispositivo USB 3.0

Sembra che sarà addirittura 10 volte più veloce dell'USB 2.0. Nell'ordine dei 5 Gb al secondo.
IMHO, una delle ragioni che hanno convinto Steve Jobs ad abbandonare il Firewire.

clipped from www.gearlog.com

Symwave announced today that it will demonstrate the first-ever USB 3.0 Physical Layer (PHY) device, this week at the SuperSpeed USB Developer's Conference in San Jose, CA.

The Quasar PHY is designed for use with "sync-and-go" devices like external hard drives, media players, HD camcorders, and phones. The Quasar is said to work at 5Gbps, making it 10 times faster than standard USB 2.0 devices.

The debut of the Quasar is set to coincide with the official release of the USB 3.0 specifications at the show.

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