22 mag 2008

Knowledge by J. Bronowski

La conoscenza, secondo J. Bronowski......

I "luoghi comuni" che troveremo nei libri di scuola di domani, non sono altro che la "fantastica avventura" di cui oggi siamo protagonisti.

Knowledge is not a loose-leaf notebook of facts. Above all, it is a responsibility for the integrity of what we are, primarily of what we are as ethical creatures.

You cannot possibly maintain that informed integrity if you let other people run the world for you while you yourself continue to live out of a ragbag of morals that come from past beliefs.

That is really crucial today. You can see it is pointless to advise people to learn differential equations, or to do a course in electronics or in computer programming.

And yet, fifty years from now, if an understanding of man’s origins, his evolution, his history, his progress is not the commonplace of the schoolbooks, we shall not exist.

The commonplace of the school books of tomorrow is the adventure of today, and that is what we are engaged in.

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