16 mag 2008

All men by nature desire to know

Shakespeare: "All men by nature desire to know"!

Da un estratto della British Theatre Guide, ho trovato dei passaggi di Arthur F. Kinney relativi al concetto di "conoscenza" elaborato dal grande dramaturgo Britannico.
Non poteva mancare la segnalazione su questo blog.

Aristotle's Metaphysics opens with the words "All men by nature desire to know", and the philosopher goes on to posit that knowledge is gained by the process of sight, perception and memory.
As Kinney says, "We enlarge on this when we claim knowledge is the vision of some thing that is processed by the brain along neural pathways and across synapses worn down by frequent usage". The fact that memories of a particular object or event change slightly every
time they are retrieved leaves plenty of scope for ambiguity and reinterpretation,
and Shakespeare writes his plays "in such a way that certain key moments have potentially conflicted meanings, that there is only indeterminacy at the heart of the most lasting drama".

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