28 gen 2008

Aderisco. Invadeteci!

Tanto, lo hanno già fatto per 1000 anni.
Dalla caduta dell'Impero romano, l'Italia è stata territorio di scorribande.
Alcuni hanno portato terrore e morte, altri cultura e sviluppo.

Sono tafazio? Remo contro?

Invadeteci per favore!

Fratelli Europei: Invadeteci

Dear European fellows, the people of this country claim your attention. We suffer under the oppression of corrupt politicians, who established laws that prevent us from kicking them out, who exploit our work turning us into slaves, who deprive us of our means of subsistence and aid when we retire.
On behalf of everything Rome and its legions accomplished in the entire continent and in the name of the history and culture that bind us together since those glorious ancient times, we ask you to set an European army ready and invade our country to help us getting rid of this tyranny and set us free.
Just let us know the exact day you come so we can leave our borders unguarded and our tanks out of gas. Please, spread the word around.
Awaiting for your arrival, we’ll be cooking an unforgettable welcome dinner so that you’ll finally appreciate what “slightly underdone pasta” means, and taste the real mozzarella cheese – don’t get this wrong, but the one you use does honestly suck.

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