16 ott 2007

Google Apps - English version

I publish this post in english helpful to the Financial Times interview. The italian version is here.

On this blog I talked about my experience using Google Apps, particular the enterprise version Premier.

The commercial success of Google Apps premier relies heavily on users’ fidelization and also on a persuasion and effort of training on job by the ICT staff which is already under way.

The case of Google Apps is by and large a replica of what happened with GSA (Google Search Appliance). GSA was a success because business users already knew how to use Google interface on the Internet.

Google Apps will become a staple for businesses when the greatest majority of users will be familiar with Gmail features. Nowadays employees use Outlook!

Yesterday’s announcement by Google seems to me precisely suited to promote users’ fidelity to Gmail interface.
Now turning to what Google has on offer today for e-mail storage namely:

Google Apps base - Gmail storage capacity 2 Gb
Google mail base - 4 Gb storage capacity (on the increase)
Google Apps education - 2 Gb storage capacity - Link
Google Apps Premier - 25 Gb mail storage capacity

The idea of Infiniti+1 :

seems now under the challenge of a policy oriented to big industries. In my opinion 25 Gb of mail storage capacity are far too little for any medium-size firm, also in view of the fact that Google’s added value is precisely creating the notion of an ‘infinite’ system … which may lead us to a philosophical dispute far beyond the scope of this article.
Let us confine to indulging in the perception of infinite growth given by the Gmail counter.

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