8 mar 2007

Testimonial di Google

Fra le altre, mi diletto anche su questo

Al di là degli scherzi è un onore contribuire al decollo di nuove tecnologie 2.0 che possono aiutare al cambiamento anche nella PA!
Regione Veneto

We started a pilot project using Google Apps . The project is aimed to evaluate its effectiveness in comparison with the other messaging platforms currently used by Regione Veneto. The test is particularly focused on the implementation of a highly customized messaging service for agencies, municipalities and government bodies that we serve with our eGov innovative ICT projects. Regione Veneto is a big and complex organization that could significantly benefit from features like the huge capacity made available by Gmail without the need for large investments in added storage, application servers, front-office extension and back-office maintenance.

- Gianluigi Cogo, Director Information Systems, Regione Veneto

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